Jussi Ojala b. 1956


Jussi Ojala's ceramic art is rarely ingratiating, sometimes demanding, usually very beautiful and always in conversation with nature and the material. The glazes play a crucial part in his sculptures – they bubble, drop and flock, lie like thick whipped cream, sometimes they cover the stoneware, sometimes not. The forms are becoming increasingly sculptural, and the fictional connection to function becomes increasingly looser.


Jussi Ojala (b. 1956) was born in Finland and now lives and works outside of Skara in Västergötland, Sweden. Ojala has been shown in many separate and group exhibitions in Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Finland and Norway since the first exhibition at Gallery Lejonet in Gamla Stan in 1988. He is represented at the Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg, the National Museum in Stockholm, Musées Royaux d'Art an d'Histoire in Brussels, Fylkesgalleriet in Førde, Norway, at the State Art Council and in many municipalities and county councils.