Sara Möller b. 1982


Sara Möller’s work is primarily sculptural, often ceramic. She always strives to challenge and exceed the boundaries of the ceramic field, to comply with and expose both the shortcomings and the benefits of the medium. She wants to create meetings of love, crashes and clashes, simultaneously radiating both vibrant sensualism and dystopian chaos. Like a children’s game, her forms and shapes aren’t easily tamed or captured. They twist and turn as if trying to avoid the stiff, expected pose. The finished works can therefore be viewed as byproducts or stills from a rhythmic play.


Möller’s elusive and organic imagery is also visible in her paintings, which often take the form of pre-studies or two-dimensional versions of her sculptural works.


Sara Möller was born in Växjö and resides and works in Gothenburg. In 2009, she graduated from HDK Academy of Art and Design in Gothenburg with an MA in ceramic art. Her work has been shown in many exhibitions both in Sweden and internationally, including at CHART Art Fair, Copenhagen, Färgfabriken, Stockholm, and Galleri Thomassen, Gothenburg. She has received a large number of grants and awards (from the City of Gothenburg, Hertha Bengtsson, and Konstnärsnämnden, amongst others). In 2013, Sara Möller was granted with the prestigious Beckers Art Award. Möller also works with public commissions and was renowned for the work Pissed Elin which was permanently installed in Växjö in 2017.