Markus Åkesson b. 1975


Markus Åkesson (b. 1975) lives and works in Nybro, Småland, Sweden. He has been participating in a large number of exhibitions at galleries, art fairs and institutions in Paris, Berlin, Brussels, London, Vilnius and Sweden. Åkesson had an early focus on the French art scene and has made several solo exhibitions at Galerie Da-End in Paris (the most recent in the autumn of 2020, "Strange Days") and the French art fairs Galeristes, Art Paris and YIA Art Fair. He has also been shown in several solo exhibitions at VIDA Museum, Öland, Sweden and in the retrospective exhibition "Sleeping Beauty" at Kalmar Art Museum 2018, the museum's most visited exhibition to date.


Åkesson is represented at The Public Art Agency of Sweden, Fondation Francès, VIDA Museum, Småland Museum as well as in several private collections, including Alice Walton Family Collection, Château du Rivau, and Jacques-Antoine Granjon Collection. He has made several public commissions, the most recent being the bronze sculpture "When the leaves come falling down" for a church in Småland, Sweden and the most controversial being the large painting "Sleeping Beauty" which was relocated from the entrance of the Swedish school that commissioned the work in 2017.