Markus Åkesson at Galerie Da-End, Paris

Group exhibition | 15 Jan - 26 Feb 2022

Galerie Da-End pursues its series of contemporary Cabinet of Curiosities and invites this year for the eleventh issue, nearly twenty international artists to unveil their creations in a scenography evoking the wonder-rooms of our childhood. Through a selection of works in various techniques, the exhibition immerses the viewer in the mysteries of the tender age or in the imaginary of the not so tender.


Participating artists: Markus Åkesson, Marcella Barceló, Lucy Glendinning, Orié Inoué, Sarah Jérôme, Shinsuke Kawahara, Kim KototamaLune, Mike Mackeldey, Hiroshi Mizuta, Nieto, Célia Nkala, Lionel Sabatté, Sota Sakuma, Satoshi Saïkusa, Carolein Smit, Mitsuru Tateishi, Nikolay Tolmachev.

Galerie Da-End
17 rue Guénégaud
75006 Paris