Inger Bergström at SOFT Gallery, Oslo

Duo exhibition | 25 jun - 8 aug 2021

In this project, Inger Bergström and Lotte Nilsson-Välimaa continue their artistic collaboration by once again, conceptually and materially, exploring a new place and context. Truncated Icosahedron – Site II is presented at SOFT Gallery in the form of an installation consisting of a monumental "soft sculpture" in motion and a video work with sound directed towards the street outside.


The video work depicts an event where a giant textile sculpture finds its way into the century-old palace, a former affluent home, now the Hallwyl Museum in Stockholm. The two artists, here as guides or guards, seem to move purposefully through the magnificent environment. They move at a steady pace with an entity consisting of silver-coloured fabric that wells forward gurgingly, flowing up the marble's cold steps. Together, the group resolutely moves forward, and drives on, passing the collection of portraits and further towards the parade floor. The heavy furniture scratches the parquet, forced to move – a surreal event in sound and image


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SOFT Galleri

Rådhusgata 20

0150 Oslo