Hilda Hellström at Göteborgs Konstmuseum

Group exhibition | 30 Oct 2021 - 13 Feb 2022

On 30th October, the Gothenburg Museum of Art presents an exhibition featuring cutting edge artists in Sweden at the turn of the millennium. The anniversary exhibition Towards another world celebrates the power of art to conceive and create other worlds.


In a curated selection of Stena Foundation culture scholars from the past twenty-five years, the exhibition Towards another world. 25 years of Swedish contemporary art – Sten A Olsson’s culture scholarships mirrors a dynamic period in Swedish art, with many layers of meaning. The presentation comprises both older works and newly produced art in a variety of media and artistic expressions. Paintings, sculptures, textiles, moving images and site-specific installations create a complex whole, which gives equal priority to both the art historical overview and the individual development of each artist.


Curator: Magnus af Petersens


Participating artists: Katarina Andersson, Lotta Antonsson, Jonas Dahlberg, Nathalie Djurberg/Hans Berg, Andreas Eriksson, Jens Fänge, Hilda Hellström, Henrik Håkansson, Axel Karlsson Rixon, Kent Lindfors, Jenny Magnusson, Mandana Moghaddam, Ida-Lovisa Rudolfsson and Jörgen Svensson.


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