Inger Bergström at Sueño 339, Seoul

Group exhibition | 20 mar - 2 apr

4T – Four Swedish Stories of Textile
Sueño 339 – Space of Art in Seoul, 22 March – 2 April 2024

Katja Beckman Ojala
Inger Bergström
Takao Momiyama
Jin Sook So

Using textiles as an artistic medium opens up a world of possibilities, interpretations and expectations. How the individual artist works in this realm is unpredictable and can lead to totally different genres and contexts. The exhibition, 4T – Four Swedish Stories of Textile, shows the works of a group of artists who despite their different expressions are united by an interest specifically for textile surfaces. It is in and on these surfaces that the content of the work grows. The artists use carefully honed methods so that the threads and cloths become a "painterly" tool. The artworks themselves embody the processes and convey the stories of their making.


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