Mykola Tolmachev | Something Lost

30 March - 6 May 2023

Mykola Tolmachev is a Ukrainian aquarelliste, known for his equally poetic, sensual and ironic motifs. His works, often hyper-sexualised, are echoes of a rich inner world of lyrical and surrealist imagery. In his most recent series of works, Something Lost (2022), he reflects upon the series of events following the Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory through a sequence of darkened and changing clouds, indicating both the bad omens that hang over his country and the dangers that threaten its life.


Mykola Tolmachev (b. 1993 in Brovary, Ukraine) lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine. He is educated at École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris (2014–2016). Tolmachev is represented by the Parisian Galerie Da-End since 2016, and has presented several solo exhibitions and participated in group shows with the gallery. Previous exhibition venues also include Art Paris Art Fair, Grand Palais, Paris (2016), YIA Art Fair, Le Louise 186, Brussels (2016), Galeristes, Carreau du temple, Paris (2017), and The Naked Room, Kiev (2019).

Installation Views