Mia E Göransson | Assembly station

29 September - 5 November 2022

We are pleased to present Mia E Göransson's second solo exhibition at the gallery, Assembly station


Since graduating from Konstfack in 1994, Mia E Göransson has established herself as one of the most renowned ceramicists in the Nordic countries. In her work, she collects and assembles fragments and forms from different contexts. Using plaster molds, Göransson reproduces various found objects and arranges them as still-lifes. The model is sometimes a slice of nature, sometimes a processed lump of clay or carved styrofoam. A solid referential system of images, materials, surfaces, figures, and color schemes serves as the foundation for her work.


Employing a visual vocabulary developed over the past fifteen years, Göransson's works are often small-scale and infused with vivid colors. The exhibition features a series of wall-mounted works which could also be described as collages or three-dimensional abstract paintings. The compositions have been paid close attention and nothing has been left to chance. Each object and interspace relate to each other in a carefully considered way and invite an intimate encounter between object and viewer.


Nature has always been, and still is, an important source of inspiration in Göransson's practice, though her later works has come to resemble hybrids of biology, architecture, and mechanics. The level of abstraction encourages further interpretations, and as viewers we search for something recognizable in the deconstructed landscape. Parts of the ceramic assemblages may recall Kandinsky's geometric compositions, the simplicity of the circle, the square, and the rectangle. But there is always something unexpected that complicates and enriches the works. A cauliflower bouquet, a discarded piece of chewing gum, a dried-up rubber band, or a balloon that slowly and somewhat sadly deflates. And in most cases, it looks like something quite different from the delicate and difficult-to-master porcelain that it actually is.


Mia E Göransson (b. 1961) grew up in Linköping and lives and works in Gustavsberg. She holds a master's degree from Konstfack in ceramics and glass, and was an adjunct professor of ceramic art at HDK, the Academy of Design and Crafts, in Gothenburg 2011-2017. Göransson's work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions mainly in Europe, including Clay Museum (Middelfart, DK), Saatchi Gallery (London), Grand Palais (Paris), Liljevalchs konsthall (Stockholm), Galleri Inger Molin (Stockholm), Röhsska Museum (Gothenburg), Galerie NeC (Paris), and Officine Saffi (Milan). In 2015 Göransson was awarded the Sven-Harry Art Grant, followed by a retrospective solo exhibition at Sven-Harrys konstmuseum, Stockholm, in 2016. Her work is represented in many museums, including Nationalmuseum, Röhsska Museum, Malmö Konstmuseum, and Gustavsbergs Porslinsmuseum in Sweden, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg, and Asu Art Museum in Arizona. Additionally, Göransson has carried out a large number of public commissions, most recently the 50-metre-long Längs en ny natur in Rinkeby Allé.

Installation Views