Paul-Robin Sjöström | Is there anything scarier than love?

27 September - 27 October 2018

Paul-Robin Sjöström's formative language is precise, his technique masterful with full control. Yet, his playfulness vibrates in his sculptures in strong monochrome colors, matte finish with clear shapes and symbolism. His new works may take your thoughts to the Memphis Group and Ettore Sottsass, cartoons and pop art. But they are uniquely Sjöström's and are curiously leading us into his stories.


Paul-Robin Sjöström (b. 1989) was born and raised in Jönköping, Sweden. He has been educated at Capellagården, Konstfack (University of Arts, Crafts and Design) in Stockholm and HDK (Academy of Crafts and Design) in Gothenburg. In addition to his own artistry, he has contributed with his technical skill and responsiveness to Ellen Ehk's and Kennet Williamsson's artwork. He was awarded with the major Hertha Bengtsson Grant as the sole recipient in 2018.

Installation Views