Cilla Ramnek + Anna Danielsson | Blood Sweat And Tears

12 November - 19 December 2020

"During the last couple of years, Anna and I have met regularly. Conversations freed from stated ambitions and without any particular orientation. The discussions have dealt with husks, hooks, buckles, seams, color codes, style codes, style preferences, glue brands, mounting methods, scales, distances, rhythms, intentions, content, meaning, discomfort, and desire. And more.


The meetings have been almost ritual, every other time in Anna's studio and every other time in mine. Always at ten o'clock and always with an already arranged breakfast.


We did not know each other from the beginning. Anna stopped me on the street once and said she liked the patterns I made. I reciprocated.


I think one of the things we have in common is the harboring of strong artistic instincts, and the wish to not always reveal those instincts. Some things should never be phrased. And then add to that the longing for clarity, to speak straight.


The interest in materials, materiality. Crossing categories, letting topics overlap. Mediating between quantities such as space and body. Finding connections and letting them speak to each other.


Blood, sweat and tears. The seriousness with which one takes on a job. Or whatever for that matter."


/ Cilla Ramnek, November 2020


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