Mia E Göransson | As If

11 March - 17 April 2021

... train of thoughts and games of shapes, compiled into ceramic assemblage and still lifes ...

"I present train of thoughts and games of shapes from the studio, compiled into ceramic assemblage and still lifes. Constructions without drawings, guided by intuition and desire. While everything is going on. As if nothing has happened…"

/ Mia E Göransson


"Mia E Göransson's works are created from the construction box  of surrealism; its original idea, but without the outdated historical style. The objects may resemble a skin sludge or a body organ, packaging, building material or machine parts. The brutal meets the gentle, the perfect meets the broken. Just as in life, excitement and humour arises in the distorted and the jarring, in dissonances and gaps..."

/ Petter Eklund


"...gorgeously and subtly shaded, as in the work of Mia E Göransson. Her 'near to nature' objects, which are pitched right at the midpoint between geometry and still life, providing the satisfaction of both while also skating free of their generic limitations, and permitting a free exploration of color and form."
/ Glenn Adamson

Installation Views