John Rainey at Naughton Gallery, Belfast

Solo exhibition | 21 oct 2021 - 23 jan 2022

SLIP TANK is part laboratory, part playground. In this major new solo exhibition by Belfast-based artist John Rainey, the sculptures and installations are concerned with things not being as they seem. Exploring portals, post-internet worlds, and sculptural glitches, Rainey makes reinterpretations and remakes of familiar forms using both old and new methods of object making; a combination of traditional casting processes (using materials like porcelain) and digital fabrication technologies such as 3D printing. 


Within the exhibition, Rainey references the museum, the home, and the city, treating each as fluid and elastic. Presented in a state of non-fixity, and resisting the idea that things are only ever one thing, the sculptures in SLIP TANK are beacons of possibility. In deviating from their original and recognisable forms, they hint at alternatives, questioning what happens when we remove boundaries and disrupt expectations.


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The Naughton Gallery
Lanyon Building
Queen's University Belfast
BT7 1NN - Northern Ireland