Book release for Mårten Medbo's 'Clay-based Experience & Languageness'

Konst-ig, Stockholm | 25 Jan, 17.30
Welcome to the release of Mårten Medbo's dissertation 'Clay-based Experience & Languageness'!
In 2016, Mårten Medbo became Sweden's first doctor in the field of crafts. His dissertation, 'Lerbaserad erfarenhet och språklighet', was originally published in Swedish in 2017. The project is an attempt to better understand and describe the craft from the practitioners' internal perspective. It deals with the fundamental questions that all artists face in their daily practice. How can art be understood as a means of communication, or as a linguistic practice? What role does craft play in artistic creation?
Konstbokhandeln Konst-ig
Åsögatan 124 A
116 24 Stockholm