Ellen Ehk receives scholarship and exhibits at Eskilstuna Konstmuseum

Wonderland | 22 oct - 29 jan

The forest is Ellen Ehk Åkesson's main source of inspiration, and in the Wonderland exhibition she shows sculpture in bronze, glass and ceramics with the mystery of the forest as a theme. The central work in the exhibition is the installation The River, where Ehk's smooth ceramic stones depict a still riverbed. The work is a collaboration with the sound artist Jan Carleklev, who in dialogue with Ellen Ehk has created the sound work The Unknown Forest, which balances on the border of silence and invites the visitor to sharpen their senses.


Carl-Axel Valén's foundation
Carl-Axel Valén's foundation annually awards an art scholarship with the aim of continuing education for the artist. The scholarship also includes an exhibition at the Eskilstuna Art Museum.

Ellen Ehk Åkesson receives Carl-Axel Valén's art scholarship in 2022 of SEK 200,000 with the motivation:

❞Ellen Ehk Åkesson has developed a sculptural image world of her own where she uses her deep knowledge of craft as a kind of amplifier. She lets the materials, ceramics and glass set the tone, like a vibrating bass walk from which the objects emerge. The jury is fascinated by Ellen Ehk Åkesson's unique artistry, by the fact that she constantly surprises and innovates without letting go of her strong and unique expression.

Her works are autonomous solitaires that carry their own narratives, and gathered in groups invite to new stories, to a seductive landscape of colors and shapes. Ehk Åkesson plays with contrasts, between the shiniest shiny and the dullest matte. She strikes the exact balance between pleasure and discomfort, between the sad and the joyful. We want to be able to walk in Ellen Ehk Åkesson's landscape.❞

Jury: Bianca Maria Barmen, Maj Sandell and Pia Lagewald.


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