Carl Richard Söderström at Peach Corner, Frederiksberg

Duo exhibition | 3 Mar - 9 Apr

"Carl Richard Söderström's work springs from structures and segments of nature – nature which, influenced by humans, later seeks to regain an original form without any other ambition than adapting and living on, liberated from aesthetic and otherwise valued positions. He moves between a purely abstract and a more figurative formal language, always with layer upon layer of forms and structures.

Carl Richard Söderström describes his choice of ceramics as an artistic medium as coincidental. [...] His entire artistic practice rests precisely on relating freely to his own creation, rooted in an intuitive making that goes beyond rational systems and theoretical models. The process directs the expression, and coincidences challenge the safe and familiar and thus drive his artistic development forward."


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Participating artists: Carl Richard Söderström and Johannes Nagel.


Curator: Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl.



Peach Corner

Howitzvej 67 A, St.

2000 Frederiksberg