Raha Rastifard's Tribute to Movement at Norsborg Metro Station, Stockholm: Public work

Tribute to Movement is a permanently installed, massive light sculpture covering the rock wall at the stationary area of Norsborg, Stockholm. The work consists of twelve different sections that can be viewed and interpreted both individually and together. 


The foundation of the work is Rastifard's lyrical writing in Persian, influenced by the urban environment and the people living in the area. Written in calligraphy, the lyrical elements add both illustrative and abstract qualities to the work, which are bound together by an overarching layer of Persian geometry.


In Rastifard's own conception of the work: "The hours of darkness are long in Stockholm. The reason I have used different shades of color is to spread liveliness and joy every morning when people start and end the day at the station. A delivery and a welcome that is experienced dynamically despite the motive being still. A tribute to movement – to the journey and to the return."