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The shingle-lamps shown in this catalouge are made from specially selected, finely grained fir. The shingles for the shades as well asother wood details are very well polished but the surface is otherwise untreated. The shades are made by skillful craftsmen at Markaryd and were designed by Hans-Agne Jakobsson.

Illumination enhances the beautiful, decorative structure of the wood, and the lighting is warm and pleasant. The lamps are delivered complete with electrical fittings including the contact. Unless otherwise specified, the installed overhead lamps have an overall length of 1300 mm.Table, floor and wall lamps are fitted with a 2.5 m cord and switch.

Astralit, used in some of the models shown in this catalogue is a hard plastic material (1/2 mm thick) which is sized together to cylinders supported on a wooden frame.

Extract from "Illustrationer over spånlampor och andra lampor för vänligt ljus från AB Ellysett (Markaryd Sweden 1963)"



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