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In a series of 15 lamps Hans-Agne Jakobsson, the Swedish architect and designer, has created an untraditional form of lighting. Drawing his inspiration from the pleasant, comfortable style of the Victorian age he has produced timeless lamps suitable for many purposes.

By simplifying the style of our great-grandfather’s time he has created a modern type of lamp equally suited to all parts of the home and business reception rooms. From the illustrations on these pages it will be seen that the 15 models in the series cover every conceivable lighting position; there are wall lamps, table lamps, ceiling fixtures and standard lamps. All the lamps are available in 6 charming colours which enhance the effect of the light: pink, green, mauve, white, yellow and grey. Therefore everybody can always find a lamp in this series to match with the colours in any particular room.

Glow-lamps of 40, 60, 75 or 100 watts are employed. All the metal parts of these lamps are of polished brass, which goes beautifully with the silk fringes. Their elegant materials and careful construction make these lamps a quality product – a distinguished expression of modern Scandinavian design.

(Excerpt from the Frants broschure 1966-1967)


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