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Magdalena Nilsson

Magdalena Nilsson has proved to be one of the most talented young ceramicists in Sweden after graduating from University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm in 2005. She is a member of the design-duo “Save Our Souls” and the arts-and-crafts cooperative “blås&knåda” in Stockholm. She favors slip cast porcelain, creating everything from everyday objects to very detailed sculptures. Her inspiration and expression is the contrast between beauty and disgust, the controllable versus the uncontrollable. Magdalena’s objects are truly aesthetic, but at the same time disturbing and ambiguous.

From Magdalena Nilsson public commission "As Above So Below" at Nya Raketskolan
Kiruna made in 2012.

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Exhibitions and Representation

Magdalena Nilsson was born in 1979 and was raised in Kungslena, Tidaholm. She moved to Stockholm in 1998 to study at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, which is where she received her master in Ceramics and Glass in 2005. During the study period she got an internship at the famous Rörstrand factory (where Carl-Harry Stålhane and Gunnar Nylund. did their greatest work).

Magdalena does most of her work in her studio in Stockholm and her main material is slit cast feldspar porcelain. She founded the design duo Save Our Souls that made provocative furniture and lighting and is also a member of the crafts cooperative Blås&Knåda. She has exhibited in galleries and museums all around Sweden and internationally in England, Japan, Italy, France, Germany, Slovenia and Albania and she is represented at museums including the Röhsska Design and Crafts Museum in Gothenburg.

Mountain Beliefs

Mountains have always provoked people's dreams and with a dreamer’s persistence Magdalena Nilsson continues working with mountains. The mountains were here before us and they will remain when we are gone. Mountains are beautiful, scary, impregnable, alluring and Magdalena interprets them in her own way, entering the height contour lines graphic landscape and letting the hills be geo-poetic objects and a melancholy slice of our place on earth.

This translated text was originally written by Petter Eklund for Magdalena Nilsson’s solo exhibition at the Kaolin Gallery in Stockholm in 2014.


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