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LEAD/FOLLOW - My conversations with wood" Oct 22 to Nov 19 2016

“LEAD/FOLLOW - My Conversations with Wood" shows new works by the German artist and sculptor Christoph Finkel. He has in recent years made several successful exhibitions internationally, and this is his second solo exhibition in Sweden. In "LEAD/FOLLOW" we moving focus from Christoph's extreme technical skills, to the long and intimate interaction between the artist and his always unique and idiosyncratic material. An interaction where the parties alternately lead and follow, where the singularity of the wood can be perfection in the "conversation" with Christoph Finkel.

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It's hard not to become dazzled by how skillfully Christoph Finkel handles wood. Or how he constantly refines and develops new techniques to create unique, sculptural bowls and vases or simply just sculptures. But for Christoph technology is means to convey the story, and to create a perfect work of art. His search for the right tree near his home in the Bavarian Alps, his ongoing "conversation" with a living material that always offers new challenges and opportunities, his time-consuming work with the lathes and hand tools that require millimeter precision and finally, his anticipation and control of an at least month long drying process. Christoph Finkel's sculptures are ultimately a combination of his own artistry and skills, and of the tree's history and unique characteristics.

NOTE The overview pictures below reflects the proportions between all works included in the exhibtion. The detail pictures are maximized for each object individually.


About Christoph Finkel

Christoph Finkel was born in 1971 in the small German village of Bad Hindelang. He came in contact with wood and lathes in his early years, since his father, grandfather and great-grandfather worked as cabinet makers. Christoph's interest in the material aroused, but he took his own path and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Nürnberg in 1992 - 1998. His efforts led him from his early figurative sculpture to his own interpretation of vessels and vases, where function plays a completely subordinate role. After several years abroad, Christoph moved back to southern German Bad Hindelang, where he currently lives and works.

Christoph Finkel had his international breakthrough at Paola Lenti's exhibition at the Milan Design Week 2012 and he has since then had several large, high-profile exhibitions. He has been nominated for major awards, including the Danner Preis and he also won the Hessian State Award for German Arts & Crafts at Tendence in Frankfurt in 2014.


14.09.1971 in Bad Hindelang/Germany

1992-1998 Academy of Fine Arts in Nürnberg (sculpture)

Prizes & awards
2014 Oberallgäu Art Award
2014 Hessian State Award for Art & crafts
2006 Johann-Georg-Grimm Award
2002 Oberallgäu Cultural Art Award
2000 Dr. Rudolph Zorn Art Award
1998 Danner Art Award, class prize
1997 Oberallgäu Art Award

Exhibitons (selection)
2016 "Berg is moving in" Berg Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
2016 ArtGenéve, Geneva/Switzerland
2015 “IFFT”, InteriorLifestyleLiving, Fair, Tokyo/Japan
2015 “Die Südliche”. Art exhibition, Villa Jaus, Obersdorf/Germany
2015 “Holz pur”, City of Schweinfurt/Germany
2014 Solo exhibiton: „Shapes of wood“ Gallery Konsthantverkarna, Stockholm/Sweden
2014 „Danner – Prize“, Museum „Schloss“, Aschaffenburg/Germany
2014 FORM , Tencence, Frankfurt Fair, Frankfurt/Germany
2014 „Die Südliche“ Art exhibition, Immenstadt/Germany
2014 „Turn around“ Internationale Drechslerausstellung, Handwerksform Hannover/Germany
2014 Milano Design Week, exhibition with Paola Lenti, Chiostri dell Umanitaria, Milan/Italy
2013 Luminaire Lab, Miami/USA 2
2013 „Fünfzig“, Gallery Handwerksform, Hannover/Germany
2013 Cheongjou Craft Biennanle, Choungjou/South Korea
2012 Milano Design Week, exhibition with Paola Lenti, Chiostri dell Umanitaria, Milan/Italy
2012 „Milky Way“, Formex Design Fair Stockholm/Schweden
2011 „Cosy minimalism“ Formex Design Fair Stockholm, Schweden
2008 Solo exhibition, Norway Designs, Oslo/Norway
2005 Solo exhibiton, Museum „Kornhaus“, Weiler/Germany
2004 Oswald Malura Museum, Oberdießen/Germany
2003 Gallery Renate Nürnberger, Nürnberg/Germany

Works in public collections:
Museum for Applied Arts, Frankfurt/Germany
Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis/USA Museum
„Kornhaus“, Weiler/Germany Museum Kempten, Kempten/Germany Town Hall, City of Sonthofen, Germany


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