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Raija Tuumi was born in Kiukainen in 1923 and went to the ceramic department at the Art Industry School between 1946 and 1949. She worked at the Arabia Art Department between 1950 and 1974, when she started her own studio “Jusapot”.


Scarce Tonality and Ascetic Colors

Raija Tuumi worked for24 years at the Arabia Art department, where she created large trays and pot as well as smaller pieces as candle lights, cans and dishes. She is working with simple uncomplicated shapes and rustic stoneware clay, often with patina from metal oxides. Tonality is scarce and the colors ascetic. To counterbalance the austere, she used shining cobalt blue glazes with elements of purple and green. Small upwards curled curly ears gives her pieces personality and is a sign of Raija Tuumi.

She is throwing her pieces and you will often find circular traces of her hands. Her pieces radiate a circular movement, and they might at the same time look like prehistoric remains from everyday life. In 1974 when the Arabia Art department was refurbished, she founded her own studio Jousapot where she continued to throw in a smaller scale.


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