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Johannes (Jo) Hammerborg (1920 – 1982) grew up in Randers, Denmark. He trained as a silversmith in Randers and Silkeborg, and later he started his studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1944. He worked as a silversmith at Georg Jensen from 1949 to 1957. At that point, he was hired as chief designer at the lamp manufacturer Fog & Mørup A/S, where he worked until 1980.


Reinventing Fog & Mørup

He was a key driving force for Fog & Mørup, and it was under his leadership that the company experienced their most creative and commercially successful period. With a distinct design philosophy, great insight in elimination technique and a profound understanding of form, function and aesthetics, he created more than a houndred different designs of lamps. He also worked closely with Holmegaard glassworks during the development of his own glass lamps and those by Jacob E Bang, and similarly with Royal Copenhagen during Fog & Mørup’s collaborations with the porcelain factory. In 1980, Fog & Mørup underwent a series of mergers, and in the late 90s ceased production of his designs.

His passion for skydiving caused his death

In his private life Jo Hammerborg was an active and very versatile athlete who, along with his professional career, was also a pioneer in parachuting and flying. In a tragic manner, it was his great passion for skydiving which cost him his life when, at the age of only 62, he died in an accident.


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