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Hans- Agne Jakobsson (1919 - 2009) was a Swedish interior and furniture designer , and began as an assistant to Carl Malmsten and Werner West . He belonged to the masters of subdued lighting and worked with calm and soothing fixtures where the prerequisite was that light would be glare-free


Forced to Build His Own Fixture Company

Hans-Agne was born and raised in Hvadhem on Gotland, Sweden and took his journeyman test as a cabinetmaker at the age of 18. Later, he received an architectural degree in Gothenburg, Sweden and was employed as an industrial designer at General Motors. He designed and experimented with fixtures in his spare time and when no one wanted to buy the drawings he started his own manufacturing in Markaryd, Sweden in 1951. He was for a long time executive chairman at the fixture company Hans- Agne Jakobsson AB.

Success made of Laminated Pine

He invented the laminated pine fixtures by accident during a Christmas decorations in the Markaryd store . He wanted to soften a couple of dazzling light bulbs, had some laminated pine around and rapidly put together some temporary fixtures. A customer came in and wanted to buy the arrangement and Hans -Agne Jakobsson found himself with an article that was unprecedented. Laminated pine fixtures became an export success that was sold in virtually every corner of the world.

His modern fixture designs became particularly well known both at home and abroad in the 1950s and '60s, many models became classic and are attractive collectibles today.

Hans-Agne Jakobsson AB and Ellysett AB

His first lighting company was Hans -Agne Jakobsson AB , which was also the company where the majority of his lamps were made . With the success of laminated pine fixtures he formed the company Ellysett AB , which eventually was moved in under Hans Agne Jakobsson AB. Today, both Hans Agne Jakobsson AB and Ellysett AB are registered as secondary names to Thorn Lighting Nordic AB, however none of his lamps has been manufactured in quite a few years.

Hans- Agne Jakobsson died in 2009 , at age 90 . His closest were his wife Lisa and the children Karin and Ola with families.




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