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Gunnar Ander (1908 - 1976) was a Swedish designer and architect. His design achievement covers a wide area. He was hired by Erik Hovhammar on Lindshammars Glasbruk (“glassworks”) to develop a new design profile to differentiate them from the competition. He worked alongside with Ystad Metall, where he designed wrought iron and other art objects, where his candelabras from the fifties elegantly captures the spirit of that time. He continued his work at Lindshammars and Ystad Metall (later Scandia Present AB ) until his death in 1976.


Ystad Metall

Gunnar Ander is perhaps best known for his work on Lindshammars Glasbruk where he designed and developed both art and everyday glass. Ander also worked for Ystad Metall for which he among other things designed candlesticks in brass and other objects in wrought iron.

The company Ystad Metall can be traced back to 1833 when they manufactured harnesses. The manufacturing of decorative items in brass or copper started in 1900 and in 1922 the manufacturing of pewter began. In 1969, Ystad Metall was merged with Mitab into Scandia Present AB in Karlshamn

Ystad Metall was an ambitious company that had its heyday in the 1920 to 1960's. A number of designers worked there over the years. They could be long-lasting or just do short assignments. Besides Gunnar Ander, Hans Bergström (Atelje Lyktan) , Hugo Gehlin (painter), Wiwen Nilsson (world famous silversmith) and Ivar Ålenius-Biörk (sculptor) designed for Ystad Metall among others.

Ystad Metall's specialty was functional objects with an attractive appearance. The company's most productive period coincided with the construction of the welfare state and the social democratic ambition to spread good education, good health and also good art to the masses is also worth mentioning. It was time to let both form and function play a prominent role, and Ystad Metall's success is surely to be found in an early understanding of this. They created what is sometimes called "Swedish Grace", meant to ease and brighten everyday life.

Lindshammars glassworks

He was hired by Lindshammars glassworks from the inception of Erik Hovhammar management of the mill in 1949, to build a new design profile and take the company out of the crowd of anonymous glassworks that existed in postwar Sweden.

Gunnar Ander composed a completely new range of all sorts of glasses, vases and bowls. He also made sure to color products so that they could be separated from the competitors glass. Lindshammar and Ander got hold of a good technician who helped to develop 56 new glass colors. It was with these new colors, that Lindshammars glassworks began being called "the glassworks with color”.

Gunnar Ander signatures

Parts of Gunnar Ander's design for Ystad Metall is signed with " GA " , but most of the objects designed for Scandia Present lacks signature. On items from Ystad Metall you will also finds a stamp with their logo.




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