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Francesca Mascitti Lindh was born in 1931 in Anversa degli Abruzzi, Italy. She went to Liceo Artistico delle belle Arto Roma between 1946 and 1948 and the Finnish Art Industry School 1949 – 1952. She had her own studio with her husband Richard Lindh 1953 – 1955, until she started the Arabia Art department where she worked until 1989.


Francesca’s Dual Heritage and Studies are Expressed in Her Work

Francesca Mascitti Lindh’s mother was from a Finnish artist family and her father was from Italy. She studied art both in Italy and Finland, and her dual heritage and studies are expressed in her work. In the fifties and the sixties Francesca throw round bilged simple shapes. Her expression then turned into sculptured pieces focusing on the ceramic material. Later, her design was more free formed, in ways resembling rococo reliefs using parts of plants to make patterns in the clay.

She was a ceramic artist at Arabia for more than 30 years and had great success at exhibitions all over the world. Even though she lived and worked in Finland, her ceramic work had a breath from a warmer and more generous southern climate.


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