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Einar Lynge-Ahlberg, was an artist born in Malmo, Sweden in 1913. He was trained at the Skanska Art School, with Bizzie Hoyer in Copenhagen 1935-36 and at Otte Skold Painting School. He was freelancing for the Rorstrand factory in 1954 – 57 mainly creating unique bowls and vases in tight and minimalistic shapes with restricted tones and geometric decors. Lynge-Ahlberg’s work was different from all Swedish ceramists in the fifties, his production scarce and his pieces very coherent. He died at the age of 67 in 1980.


He was primarily a painter

Einar Lynge-Ahlberg, was an artist born in Malmö (southern parts of Sweden). Einar was trained at the Skanska Art School in Malmo 1934-35, with Bizzie Hoyer in Copenhagen 1935-36 and finally at Otte Skold Painting School in Stockholm. After this, he went to study trips in Germany, France, Italy, Norway and Yugoslavia.

Einar was primarily a painter and belonged to the group “Blandningen” (mixture) founded in 1938. Together with the group, Einar participated in numerous exhibitions in Sweden. His images often had motifs from Stockholm. Einar also painted abstract still life and interiors. His first solo exhibition took place in Malmo 1945. In 1951, he married Margareta Adelborg who also was an artist.

A short career as a ceramic artist

In 1954 Einar was hired as a designer at Rorstrand’s factory, during certain periods only as a freelance. He stayed at Rorstrand for three years where he created unique and architectural objects in stoneware, such as tubular or triangular vases, decorated with simple ornaments. After working for Rorstrand, Einar continued as a painter and artist in his own studio in Bromma, Stockholm. His art is represented at Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Malmo Museum and the Italian Faenza museum. Einar Lynge-Ahlberg died in Bromma, March 21 1980.

Einar Lynge-Ahlberg signatures

Pictures from left to right shows examples of Einar Lynge-Ahlberg's signatures at Rörstrand; first incised with the Rörstrand factory mark and "L.A"., second incised with Rörstrand factory mark, "Lynge-Ahlberg" and "3" and third painted signature with Rörstrand factory mark, "Sweden", "Lynge-Ahlberg" and "F17". All three pieces are considered to be unique.

Lynge-Ahlberg’s unique pieces do normally have a hand-painted signature with the Rorstrand mark (R surrounded by three crowns), Sweden, Lynge-Ahlberg and a unique number och combination of letter and number. For some pieces he used the regular carved Rorstrand signature with Rorstrand Sweden and L.A.


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