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Annikki Hovisaari was born in 1913 in Tampere Finland and passed away in the same town 91 years later, in 2004. She went to the Art Industry School and focused on ceramics. Annikki worked for the Arabia Art department between 1949 and 1975, when she eventually decided to retire.


After completed ceramic studies, Annikki was employed at the Arabia Art Industry department. In the fifties there were about 50 people working there, designing pieces and creating decors. In 1962 she won the gold medal in Gualdo Tadino in a competition called “The man who conquered outer space”, which promoted her to the Arabia Art department. There she focused on thrown pieces such as large trays, floor vases and candle lights in rustic chamotte clay. She often used glazes with nature like colors, but also cobalt blue and turquoise colors. Some pieces were incised, but mostly she left the shapes and material to make the talk.

Annikki worked at Arabia when Finnish design had international success and her rustic and high temperature burned ceramics is typical for those days. When the Arabia Art department was refurbished she was offered to stay as an artist at Arabia, but she decided to retire in 1975.


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